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"Cross-Strait Hardware & Electrical Development Forum" held
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Recently, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait Hardware & Electrical Development Summit Forum "was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The National Hardware Electrical Chamber of Commerce Taipei Metal Merchants Association president with the industry entrepreneur representatives, experts and scholars around the "full co-operation, and win the future," the keynote, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development of cross-strait Hardware & Electrical Industry and cooperation. The party secretary of Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman Wang Guangyuan, Quanzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Cai Wenliang leaders attended the forum.

It is reported that the Development Forum is one of a series of activities launched on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Fujian Provincial Federation of Hardware Electrical Association. Forum from Taipei Metal Merchants Association chairman Chen-hsiang, analysts pointed out that the global mechanical and electrical hardware industry in an increasingly competitive future cross-strait should be based on the complementary advantages, strengthening technological innovation, improve production efficiency, transformation in terms of price, product quality improvement , delivery time control, and other aspects of strengthening cooperation and exchanges, so as to enhance the mechanical and electrical hardware industry's competitiveness in the world market. He said that cross-strait Hardware & Electrical Development Forum will be held successfully build a large platform for cross-strait exchanges and cooperation through this forum, it is bound cooperation deal to strengthen cross-strait Hardware & Electrical Hardware & Electrical entrepreneurs for the two sides to create a more favorable investment and operating environment.

In the forum, from the Institute of Economics of Xiamen University Professor Zou fat analysis pointed out that the development of mechanical and electrical hardware industry is increasingly broken down to the field of life hardware, architectural hardware, household hardware, industrial hardware, from the perspective of cross-strait economic cooperation Retrospect and Prospect development pattern for the future of the industry, will be moving in the direction of development of differentiation, segmentation, personalization.

The Fujian Hardware & Electrical Association president Xu Shicong expressed the hope that this forum will be held to narrow the distance with Taiwan Hardware & Electrical Industry, attract more Taiwan-funded enterprises to make investment and entrepreneurship, and further integration of advantageous resources to drive cross-strait Hardware & Electrical industry as a whole level of improvement.

The forum, the Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce in recognition of Hardware & Electrical Industry of Fujian Province in 2012 advanced manufacturing enterprises, "excellent marketing units" and "Industry Person of the Year" is also the Fujian Provincial Federation of Hardware Electrical Association party branch The Forum was established and inaugurated.

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